Shadows of Amberdale

Crazy times in Orc Town


As the party went searching for the orc clans in the area, they stopped at a shrine where Elias’s sword’s true name was revealed, “Toralagor”. The party then followed tracks to a nearby orc settlement, where Vor-Gatesh talked his way into their trust. The party joined the orc clan, The Staghead, in a raid against their neighbors, the Whaletooth clan. Sneaking in through a secret tunnel, the party came face to face with the Whaletooth chief. After defeating the chief and his guards, Vor-Gatesh took the chief’s head as a trophy. The party then followed the sounds of battle, and found the two clans in a stalemate at the cave entrance. Elias uses the newly unlocked powers of his sword to cow the orcs into submission. Later at the victory feast, the Staghead chief welcomes the party as official members of their clan. As the party returns to their camp, they run across a pair of sorcerors dueling, and one of them wears a robe and mask similar to that of “the masters”.


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