Elias Elessedil

Elven Prince; Lord Protector of the Valley; Paladin of Kaerboreos. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son


Elias has a handsome, symmetrical face, pointed prominent ears, sharp cheekbones and a strong jaw with a slightly dimpled chin. He has dimpled cheeks, too, but he rarely smiles. He has wavy, black hair like both his grandfathers; it’s just shy of being shoulder length and he mostly wears it up in a bun, ponytail, or a top knot because he rarely goes without his golden, antlered helmet. He is tall and tan just like his father. He has golden green eyes like his mother. He often looks dour, angry or contemplative as his brow is often knit. Being a knight in his father’s army and all the rigorous training involved has given him a strong figure and broad shoulders, but his elven physiology has ensured that he is still slight.


Elias Haerofelian is the seventh and youngest son of Haerofel and Keyleth, the lord and lady of Mithendoril. He was prepared to live a life of relative ease and obscurity (being that he is fourteenth in line for his father’s throne) until the brutalization and death of the only woman he has ever loved. He wears her ring around his neck as a reminder not only of her, but also, that the world is unfair, and people cannot be blindly trusted. He feels that it is up to him to protect the weak; to serve them, and to dispense justice when the pall of the unjust falls.

His station and position dictates that he be chivalrous and polite and he is, mostly, but his loss and the resulting pain has made him reluctant to connect with others. He can come off as aloof, proper and sometimes very arrogant when he feels uncomfortable. It’s more of a defense mechanism than behavior stemming from any real malice. When he does interact with others, his attention can seem more like curiosity and shrewdness than friendliness.

Thorbjörn is his first real friend in quite some time.

For now, he feels his expertise and noble heritage will be useful to a rag-tag bunch of adventurers. It certainly helps that his best friend is among them. Although, they were a bit disorganized at the outset, he feels they are growing as a unit with the completion of each task. He is glad to feel needed and that his life has purpose because, otherwise, he feels he might succumb to grief.

Loves: His horse: Falkor, His best-friend: Thorbjörn, Lawfulness, Preparedness, Pragmatism, Mead, and his new pet owlbear: Archimedes
Hates: Bullies, Lawlessness


He wields a magical sword with elvish runes spelling out “Toralagor” which means “oncoming storm”
It crackles with electric purple energy and once per day can be used to cast the spell “chain lightning”

On his hands, he wears a signet ring.
and a ring of featherfall

Around his neck, he wears a rose gold necklace with Avagaelle’s ring and the holy symbol of his order.

His armor is masterwork which gives him quite an impressive AC

He wears the boots of elvenkind which gives him advantage on stealth checks. Besides vengeance against those who have falsely accused him, finding all items of elvenkind is now a part of his personal quest.

Besides his native Elvish, he can also speak Common, Dwarven, and Infernal.

As the Lord Protector of the valley outside of Amberdale, he has considered it his prerogative to rename it to suit him. Out of adoration, he renamed it Keyleth’s Vale and he named their keep Kaer Kestrel in honor of his much-loved mother and grandmother.

Full Name: Elias Riva Elessidil

His family sigil is a crowned stag on a field of flowers

His helms have antlers or horns and his crowns are usually interlocking antlers with flowers.

Known Aliases: Elias Thinnimarth, Elias Haerofelian (son of Haerofel), Shaman, Septimus (an affectionate sobriquet from his mother)

Elias Elessedil

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