Every deity has a portfolio of domains or aspects that represent their area of influence. The more powerful the deity, the larger their portfolio. Most deities also have an avatar that represents that specific domain. As an example Balthaia is the Goddess of Life, and retains the domains of Life, Purity, and Creation among others. Balthaia’s avatar of Life is depicted as a very pregnant young maid, while her avatar of Purity is depicted as an adolescent girl, and her avatar of Creation is depicted as a woman seated at a potter’s wheel. All of these avatars are recognized as aspects of the same god. The depicted race of the avatar is always relative to the prejudices and bias of the community, typically depicting a deity’s avatar as their own race, especially if it’s a good deity. While evil deities such as Tinnameth or Machorbis will be depicted with demonic features by good worshippers, but those who choose to worship Tinnameth would depict her with more idealized features.

Greater Deities

The Triumvirate:
Bassaliel: Goddess of the Harvest “The Hearth Maid”
Berrelleth: Goddess of the Shield “The Shield Maid”
Balthaia: Goddess of Life “The Hale Maid”

Tinnameth: Goddess of Discord
Dalimell: Goddess of Death, “The Cold Mother”
Oihana: Goddess of Nature
Nephima: Goddess of Wisdom

Intermediate Deities
Belangol: Goddess of Magic
Machorbis: God of Decay
Halvarauth: God of War
Ahwinia: Goddess of Revelry
Avakul: God of Murder
Baulferia: Goddess of Pain
Kaerboreos: God of Justice
Haffar: Demigod

Elemental Deities
Lachannon: God of Fire
Umberain: God of Earth
Lornedir: God of Water
Sulteron: God of Air


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