1 year ago, Knights of the Triumvirate setup a small camp south of the village, and began sending expeditions out into the darker and harder to reach corners of Amberdale, crossing over into the Dunweald and the Aeldath Forest. It wasn’t hard to see that their numbers were starting to dwindle, but they never said why they were there or what they were looking for. One day, the Knights all disappeared from their camp, taking nothing with them. Meals were left uneaten on tables, most of their personal possessions were left undisturbed, and it appeared that they didn’t take any horses with them. Not knowing what to do, the town elders had the local Triumvirate temple store anything salvageable, and gave them custodianship of the horses until such time as the Knights show up to claim them.

5 years ago Rangers patrolling the northern border of Amberdale reported an ever increasing number of goblin camps. Eventually the goblins even began raiding the northern steads stealing livestock, burning fields, and even killing a few farmers. It was eventually learned that the goblins were led by a powerful shaman named Krawtha. In response to the attacks, the village elders began a drive to fill the ranks of the aging and defunct militia, in addition to hiring a few mercenaries, and requesting aid from Mithendoril. When the militia finally decided to raid Krawtha’s camp, they only found panicking goblins and a distraught Krawtha demanding to know who had stolen his “Magic stick”. The militia wiped out what goblins remained, but evidence showed that the majority had already fled north back into the Geathund Hinterlands. No trace of Krawtha’s “Magic stick” was ever found.

50 years ago a mild earthquake opened up a small fissure right on the edge of the Dunweald. It wasn’t long before creatures of the Underdark found their way to the surface, most notably a group of Myconids. The small band of mushroom men wandered curiously around Amberdale, but their hallucinogenic spores soon started causing trouble in the village. Eventually they found their way into the Aeldath Forest and disappeared. After the hallucinations stopped, the village elders had the fissure filled in, hoping that no other creatures would emerge.

100 years ago, armies from Vigrys and Herak clashed in an intense battle in Cynigast Fenn. In the midst of the battle, the two kings met each other in single combat. As the kings fought, everything became still, all eyes on the two kings, all other fighting coming to a stop. The duel seemed to go on for hours until a loud rumble like thunder filled the air. All eyes turned west and saw a brilliant falling star streaking towards the Aeldath Forest. One of the kings took advantage of the distraction to strike a fatal blow. The fallen King’s brother immediately struck the remaining king down. In the ensuing confusion half of all the soldiers quit the battlefield, and the remaining engaged in a fevered melee. These events came to be known as The Battle of Starfall.


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