Rana is a young woman who is used to leading a very quiet and simple life. Yet she is no stranger to hardship and misfortune. Following the tragic loss of both her parents when she was eight to an animal attack in the grove surrounding her home, Rana became a very internal child. Seeking solace and healing she turned to the forests for comfort, where Rana took years building a huge tree house at the top of one of the smaller sequoia trees. Her grandmother raised Rana after her parents death and she spends most of her time going between her grandmother’s cabin, her tree house, and wandering the woods where she works. Deciding that most of her time is spent in the forest anyway, Rana decided to become a woods guide for hire. There’s not a person in all of Amberdale who doesn’t call for Rana when they need to get safely between places or just want a guided tour through the sometimes dense forest.

Two people, besides her grandmother, that Rana has always been close to are her best friends, Wren and Fae. When in town, she often confides in them and enjoys having conversations in their favorite spot at the Sotted Bee whilst also trying to avoid the attention of a local trapper, Liam. Liam has been enamored with Rana since they were children but since her parents death Rana has preferred a loner’s existence. Life is easier for her this way.

Since her last job attending to undead creatures who killed the local sheriff, Rana has met and is starting to get to know three new people in Amberdale. Based on the help they provided in that last adventure, she feels like she can trust these new companions.

Rana is sometimes suspicious of others and calculating. She will try and find the best route possible before travelling and battle. She is proficient with a bow, as she often hunts game near her home. Rana is not always used to large groups and may sometimes be reserved (unless drinnking) but can be a loyal and trusting companion to have.


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