Haerofel I, is the Lord and ruler of the kingdom of Mithendoril. His family name is Elessedil. Like his youngest son, Elias, he too is the seventh son of a seventh son. His family crest is that of a crowned stag on a field of flowers. He is estranged from his wife, Lady Keyleth (a druid princess)

He is very tall and lithe. He has lightly tanned skin, blond hair and dark gray eyes.

Haerofel’s father was named Vexikalisax and his mother was named Iridilex.

His brothers were (from oldest to youngest) Vexikalisax II, Sylvanus, Irilinor, Haladavar, Kaeladon, Rygel with himself (Haerofel) being the youngest.
He is also the only progeny of Vexikalisax and Iridilex that survived.

His own sons are (from oldest to youngest) Haerofel II, Agravarax, Taran, Evron, Rhys, Kyrus, and Elias.


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